Our Book on Caring for Aging Family

Lessons of Faith on the Road to End of Life Care

ISBN: 9780-5781-16259 | 2012

Apart from death, one of the most difficult time a family faces is watching the health of a family member deteriorate. Whether it is caused by illness, injury, or aging, it is a painful process for everyone involved. What used to be simple tasks in their every day routine, now, has become a daily struggle.

There was a time, not so long ago, when families lived their entire lives in the town they were born. It made for an ideal "support system;" a family network looking out for each other when help was needed. There were no questions about child day care or caring for a home bound relative. The vast majority of families took care of one another as a basic responsibility of life. This was the kind of love that families showed to each other. Love, through their commitment to care for one another.

Today, more and more families are being separated. Frequent moves and divorce have taken their toll. Not only are families being separated by physical location, but the "support system" of looking out for each other has been weakened or totally removed. When you take into account the single working parent and the vast majority of young families where both parents work, it is no wonder that, in some areas, child day care facilities dot the landscape like fast food franchises. On the other end of the spectrum, consider the increase in the number of convalescent homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly. Could this be in preparation of a future trend of families unable or unwilling to care for our aging population?

I pray not!